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Mediation is a non-adversarial process for resolving disputes.  At TMC this process is guided by two skilled neutral third parties referred to as co-mediators.  The mediators assist participants to focus on the real issues of the dispute, clarify misunderstandings, explore solutions, and negotiate a settlement.  Almost any sort of dispute can be mediated, if both parties agree to discuss the issues.  A good example is parents who are divorcing and who want to discuss a parenting plan for their children.


The mediation process itself is structured so that persons unfamiliar with the process will quickly become comfortable.  At the mediation session each person has the opportunity to share their side of the story and their thoughts about the situation. The parties then begin to work through the issues they want resolved.  The mediator will meet with everyone together and may also meet individually with each side. This offers participants the opportunity to communicate to the mediator their real interests in the dispute as well as to vent anger or frustrations outside the presence of the opposing side. The mediator will work with each person until an agreement is reached that is acceptable to everyone. The agreement is put in writing and signed by the people involved, with the advice of their attorneys.


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610 J Street, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68508